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We believe in understanding and investing in the best communications strategy, which helps our clients reach their business and communication goals. 
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What's is the PR Hub?

Our Public Relations Hub is a simple solution in the new era public engagement. This Hub is about pulling information from a variety of sources, experts and networks, in order to further your business processes. This Hub was crafted to provide you with unique solutions in gaining you maximum exposure placing you in front of the people you need and assisting you in furthering your business and sales operations.

Our customers love it, you will too!

  • Our approach to Media Relations as a marketing company is to empower our clients. We will provide you with media relations solutions that will advance your business.
  • This Hub in combination with all of our other hubs have been created to provide you with maximize exposure on a buget that is affordable.  
  • All of our solutions were crafted with ROI in mind. 

Simple Public Relations Solutions

Our PR Hub is a division of Archer Ward Media's Creative Hub, our overall goal is to provide you with unique solutions that will help you in gaining maximum exposure, without a high price tag. Our staff comprises of in-house creative personnel that include publicists, designers, art directors and copywriters.

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100 Hand Crafted B2B Leads
Your time is better spent talking to your new prospects, not wasting your time researching them. It's time to trust your outbound stategy to us!
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400 Word Press Release
A well-developed press release can give your compnay the ability to reach a massive amount of customers in a short amount of time. Allow us to help you get some additional exposure, our seasoned PR experts are waiting to craft you the perfect message.
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2 Published Guest Posts
Do you want your content up on someone elses website? Then this is the perfect solution for you, we will write and secure you guest posts every month.
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PR Email Management - Send 50 Emails
Publications are needed all over the world, all of the time. Building relationships with people who write about your industry is of the utmost importance. We use our in-house technology system to locate current journalists that have recently written about your industry and we contact fifty (50) of them on your behalf to get your company publicized all over. Creating relationships is the core goal of every company.

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